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How to Distinguish the Quality of Filter Element?
1.Check the filter paper. 
The air filter’s main material is the filter paper. Currently the filter paper mainly adopts domestic and imported paper. Both of them have good filtering performance. They could prevent the dust into the engine and make sure the normal work of the engine. Generally, the good quality filter is with uniform color and looks smooth,while inferior filter paper’s color is not unified, and with hairy on the surface of paper.

2. Check the the colloid of the filter 
The structure of filter element usually makes of filter paper and rubber adhesive. The good quality of filter rubber uses better material,so it is more elastic. While the bad quality rubber is soft. There is an easy way to recognize the difference of them. Fold the air filter into half,then loose it. The good one could return to original state very soon while the bad one will leave an obvious fold due to the rubber and glue quality problems.


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