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The Function of Auto Filter

The Function of Auto Filter

Auto filter is the basic defense for car maintenance and passenger protection. To protect the engine, it should start from changing the high quality filter frequently. 
Air Filters
The filtered air entering the engine combustion chamber would be much clean and reduces attrition. Advise to change the air filter every 5000-15000 km according to the suggestion given by the Air Environment Quality.
Oil Filters
Protect the engine lubrication system, reduce the attrition and enhance life; Advise to replace every 5000-10000 km according to the owner’s use of oil level and oil filter quality, and advise to replace every 3 months, no more than 6 months, with oil.
Fuel Filters
Filtrate the gas; protect the oil nozzle and the fuel oil system. Advise to replace every 10000-40000 km.The fuel filter divides into built-in tank fuel filter and oil external type fuel filter.
Cabin Air Filter
Clean the air before into the car, filtrate dust, pollen, eliminate peculiar smell, and inhibit bacterial growth, etc. Bring the drivers and passengers fresh air and keep them healthy. According to the season, the region and using frequency, it is suggested replacing every 3 months or every 20000 km.

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