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  Car Engine Oil Filter 15208-31U00


Oil Filter plays an important role in lubrication system.It can filtrate metal debris mixed with oil,toner and oil gradually produce gum and other impurities.These impurities will accelerate the wear of moving parts,even leads to the clogging of oil passageway.Oil filter insures internal combustion engine’s normal operation and increase the service life of car engine.

Rainbow 15208-31U00 Oil Filter is made of thick iron plate, firm filter housing is difficult to be corroded. 100% wooden paper not only improves the efficiency, but also increases the area for containing dust. 

OE Number


Height * Outer Diameter

65mm * 66mm

Thread Size



Spin-On Oil Filter


2.55mm Steel

Sealing Material


Dust-proof Accuracy


Temperature Range

-45 °C to 150 °

Service Life at Normal Working Condition




Maximum Working Pressure


Filtration Efficiency

≥ 99.8%

Color/ Packing

According to customer’s requirement

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Different models of auto filters can be designed and produced,including air filter,oil filter,fuel filter,filter element and cabin filter.

We strongly resist detective or substandard goods,and promise the products we sell have grade A quality.

We export over 2000 types of auto filters to more than 300 countries.Our products cover 95 percent of European and Asiatic passenger car and light commercial vehicles applications.

Small order is available to meet our customer.


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