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  FA1884 Panel Air Filter for Ford


The air filter element is like the lung of the engine, and it’s the most important of the three filters. Good air filter element with good materials has strong absorption capacity, good air permeability, good sealing, long using time, fuel efficiency and powerful motivation. While the ordinary one, it’s made roughly by cheap materials, non-standard size, poor absorption capacity, poor sealing and short using time. It will easily cause “cylinder score” because it doesn’t reach its breathable index.


1. Rainbow air filter is easy to install. 

2. The air filter's firm structure is much stronger to ensure being not easily deformed. 

3. Rainbow air filter is with higher dirt holding capacity. 

4. The air filter's dust-proof accuracy reaches 3μm-12μm and the filtration efficiency is over 99.8%. 

5. Rainbow car air filter with high standards of first grade materials specifics to its application. 




OE Number


Height * Length *Width

44mm * 304mm * 170mm


Metal Plane Air filter


Metal,100% Filter Wood pulp Paper

Flow Rate

0.5-100 cbm/min

Dust-proof Accuracy


Filtration Area




Service Life at Normal Working Condition


Filtration Efficiency


Color/ Packing

According to customer’s requirement



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 Different models of auto filters can be designed and produced, including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, filter elements, and cabin filter.


 We strongly resist defective or substandard goods, and promise the products we sell have Grade A quality.


 We export over 2000 types of auto filter to more than 300 countries. Our products cover 95 percent of European and Asiatic passenger car and light commercial vehicles applications.


 Small order is available to meet our customer.



Rainbow Auto Parts Limited



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