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· New Order RW15001 2015-06-06
  Below is the filters that we had produced and deliveried on time at 2015-04. OEM 26300-35503 MD 069782 15208-31U00 15208-H8923 90915-10001B 90915-YZZB3 96879797 MB 220900 ME 0...
· How to Distinguish the Quality of Filter Element? 2014-05-27
1.Check the filter paper.  The air filter’s main material is the filter paper. Currently the filter paper mainly adopts domestic and imported paper. Both of them have good filtering per...
· The Function of Auto Filter 2014-05-19
The Function of Auto Filter Auto filter is the basic defense for car maintenance and passenger protection. To protect the engine, it should start from changing the high quality filter frequently.&...
· Common sense of automotive filter-Fuel Filter 2014-04-08
The fuel filter’s function is to filter the fuel (gasoline, diesel) that needed by engine. It prevents fuel brought by matters such as dust, metal powder, water into the engine, and prev...
· Common sense of automotive filter-Oil Filter 2014-04-02
Oil filter is a part of internal combustion engine, it plays a very important role in the lubricating system. It can filter metal abrasive dust, carbon particles in the oil and colloid made by...
· Common sense of automotive filter-Cabin Filter 2014-03-29
There is a word "haze" which becomes popular,The data of PM2.5 sensitive up gradually, that means we emphasis on the environment and health. Cabin air filter can filter the air in the car...
· Common sense of automotive filter-Air Filter 2014-03-27
The air filter element is like the lung of the engine, and it’s the most important part in engine systerm. Good air filter element with good materials has strong absorption capacity, good air...
· Welcome Mr.Tang From Miland Visit 2014-03-06
Welcome Mr.Tang From Miland Visit Us!  

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